One of EWB's four outcome areas is: Advocating for improved Canadian policies toward Africa.
At EWB we recognize that alleviating poverty requires change not just in the Global South but also in developed countries. Many developed countries, including Canada, currently have economic and trade policies that maintain the power imbalances that exist globally. But eradication of these power imbalances and a significant restructuring of the status quo is the key for any effort towards poverty alleviation to be sustainable. Therefore, EWB has a strong focus on advocacy work as a key to driving change in Canada and Canadian policies.

We recently released the 2013-2015 National Advocacy Strategy! The strategy document outlines the areas we will focus our advocacy on for the coming years as well as the campaigns we hope to lead in order to advocate for change in Canada.
Our two main areas of focus will be: advocating the Canadian government for better foreign aid policies and advocating for responsible mining practices in Canada's extractive industries sector. For more information about our national advocacy campaigns, contact Sam Burton, Director of Advocacy at Nation Office at

At the UW Chapter we support all national advocacy campaigns and even run a few of our own! Currently, we are working with the KW Just Mineral Campaign and Conflict Free UW to raise awareness about conflict minerals within the KW Community. Rob Reid, our 2013 Junior Fellow, leads many of our chapter's advocacy campaigns. Contact him at for more information or come out to our general meetings if you are interested in getting involved with our chapter's advocacy work.

You can also find our long term plans for Advocacy which is an outcome area in our International Development and African Programs portfolio.