Weekly Email #3 – A Political Week for Us!

Hope your weekend was brilliant! Here’s the rundown for this week!

Engineers Without Borders is going to be having a lot of political related sessions this week. Our learning session and the FEDS political debates are on our agenda this week.

1) 3rd General Meeting of the Term! – Engineering 5 Room 2004 – Tuesday May 27th 5:30 – 6:30pm
2) Provincial Candidate Debate Session Info– SLC Great Hall – Wednesday May 28th 3:00 – 5:00pm
3) Links from last week’s learning session

General Meeting - Tuesday May 27th 5:30 – 6:30pm

Learning Session: Ontario Provincial Election: It’s relevancy towards EWB’s advocacy projects

Our chapter of EWB often would advocate some of our interests to our local and provincial governments. Now that a provincial election is in two weeks, our team leads the potential impacts it would cause on our future advocacy projects. We also encourage you to vote on June 12th for who you would want to represent the provincial riding.
Group Work: Try to trade contact information and determine goals for the term!
I hope those who attended last week’s meeting were able to stick around and get to know a team lead. If you are comfortable with working with them, then by all means get to know your team better. If you are still trying to find your calling, please ask around with the other teams and see what fits with you.

We encourage you to invite friends on campus or around Waterloo! This can be for one meeting or for all of them. All departments of UW are invited!
Note: We are going to vote on a different time slot for our meetings to address the popular courses occurring at 6:30. Please come to the meeting to chime in.

Provincial Candidate Debate Session Info - Wednesday May 28th 3:00 – 5:00pm
The Federation of Students is hosting a provincial debate at the SLC Great Hall. You can hear where each party stands on different issues. Many of the EWB team leads plan to attend, and we encourage anyone in our group to attend if they are interested in politics.

Please refer to the Facebook group page here.

Links from Last Week’s Learning Session: The EWB Primer on Systemic Change
If anyone wanted more information about what we covered last week, we left a few links below for you to refer to.
For more information about EWB in general:
For more information about the importance of systemic thinking and problem solving relative to an individual symptomatic approach (using the starfish story to illustrate the point):
For an essay related to the importance of systemic change, by a great classic author: “The Soul of Man Under Socialism” by Oscar Wilde
For more tips to help approach problems with a systemic thinking mindset:

Hope to see you at the GM or the debate!

The UW chapter of Engineers Without Borders

P.S Sorry about the late delievery of this email. The networking service for EWB was unavailable all of yesterday. We still plan on sending emails on Sundays.

Weekly Email #2 – Let’s get down to business!

How’s the long weekend so far? Hope you are taking it easy!

Engineers Without Borders is starting up our regular routine of group work and learning sessions again! We have lots to talk about on the next GM, so allow us to give you a quick overview for the next General Meeting

1) 2nd General Meeting of the Term! – Engineering 5 Room 2004 – Tuesday May 20th 5:30 – 7:00pm

General Meeting - Tuesday May 20th 5:30 – 7:00pm
Learning Session: A Primer on Systemic Change: The EWB mindset on approaching practical problems
Our Team Leads will be explaining to the group why EWB prefers to solve problems such as “go to the root of the problem” and “Systemic Change”. This is a great time to learn how EWB operates at a more detailed level than the one we provided during the first GM. Lend us your ears and share your questions about what we do on campus and our goals.

Group Work: Meet the Team Leads and find out how you can contribute!
After the learning session, the Team leads will stay to explain the duties that we have for the term and how you can help. We have 6 teams that would need people to help achieve our goals. These teams include Big Events, Strategy, Research, Youth Engagement, Professional Engagement and People. You are free to choose whatever team lead you want to help each week!

We encourage you to invite friends on campus or around Waterloo! This can be for one meeting or for all of them. All departments of UW are invited!

Before we go, we would like to share with you a satirical video about why we should value sustainable development and effective communication with the other people we work with outside of EWB.
"There you go!" video

The UW chapter of Engineers Without Borders

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