Fair Trade and Economic Equality

The FTEE Program Area was created to recognize that global economic systems are unfairly structured towards those in power. To ensure that the work we do through development is effective we must also work to understand and break down the systems that create and sustain poverty.
We have chosen three outcomes areas to focus our work on:

Fair Trade Label:
Fair Trade is an alternative system of trade which focuses on fair compensation, proper working conditions, sustainable agriculture and local economic growth. For more about this outcome area visit our Fair Trade Information page.

Extractive Industries:
Exploitation of resources is often at the root cause of many social justice issues such as poor labour conditions, environmental degradation, displacement of Indigenous groups to name a few. Canada is home to a majority of the world's mining companies and as such we have a responsibility to ensure the protection of human rights. As an NGO with an engineering focus, we are also in a unique position to engage with corporations working in resource extraction.

Economic Literacy:
This outcome area serves to increase the education level of chapter members and the general public regarding the economic structures we live in. A greater level of literacy will allow us more competency in the work we do and public outreach and education is always the first step to creating change.
Our long term plans for the FTEE program area are as follows:

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