Global Engineering

The world today is facing major challenges, but is also on the forefront of major change. Many of the glaring social hurdles the world faces today, such as food security, access to clean water and extreme global poverty, have become incredibly complex and interconnected. These problems are not new, and neither are the approaches global society has to solving them. But one thing is certain; our past approaches have not met our expectations in bringing about the innovative solution that we want to see to solve these global challenges.

Definition: Global Engineering is the practice of seeking out and developing awareness and understanding of the greater consequences of design.
Key Attributes: Engineers hold great capacity for change; for which they must be held responsible. They should have curiosity to facilitate continuous learning, awareness, and innovation and empathy with capacity to consider social impacts. A Global Engineer proactively seeks awareness of their place and impact in an extensive system of interactions.

We all know that engineers can bring extraordinary change to the world. This is why many of us decided to study engineering in the first place. We also know the change that engineers can bring to the world isn’t limited to the bridges, circuit boards, cars, and dams that engineers create. The power of engineers’ insights into the root causes of problems and their innovations to address those problems should go well beyond just the technical. The world is calling for a new type of globally minded problem solver. The world needs more Global Engineers.

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Our long term plans for Global Engineering are as follows:

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