EWB Orientation Week 2010: Complete List of Goals

Here is the complete list of goals we collected from our session during Orientation Week activities in 2010. Hopefully you become inspired by the passion reflected in these goals! Participants who included their e-mail will be e-mailed with their goal.


To have my name in a textbook.
Space elevator looks feasible
For everyone to have access to clean/ fresh water
By 2020, I want to provide a new theory for new way of generating energy
Better water cleaning systems
Improve energy efficiency throughout the world by 2020
Remove all gasoline cars from the world by 2020 (transfer to hydrogen fuel cells).
Equalize globally the opportunity to educate oneself. This could be done through cheaper and more durable computer networks.
Live under water!?
Developing a third world country
Developing 3rd world country
Improve quality of life for 3rd world countries
Build something to reduce CO2 emissions faster
Work alone/ with others in creating something that will help/ benefit society
Make the air clean
Further the progress of green technologies such as solar
I want to bring clean energy to those without it by the year 2020
Help African countries achieve sustainable farming
Free indevelopped countries of possible corrupt governments and/ or improve the infrastructure
My goal by the year 2020 is to create a software that can help individuals make better decisions in their lives. The software will have a new system of interpersonal communication that can track people's thoughts.
I'd like to work for the company that saves energy or invents new energy source.
I want to have changed a group of people's lives for the better.
By 2020 I want to be an active part of an innovative company making an impact on the world
Clean, renewable, efficient fuel source
I hope to revolutionize the way society works and develops in the future, just as modern technology has done in the past decade.
I would like to build significant buildings in Dubai and earn a masters in architecture in the IB league.
Transforming thermal energy to electrical energy
Would like to found business for consumer grade robotics
More efficient fuels/ fuel systems
Reduce the poverty in places like India & Africa
Global warming, poverty
Cure world hunger
Efficient transportation system globally
Do something about getting to space
Lisasorto. I got nothing
Make people realize all the problems that we as humans face today
Try and improve the lives of those people around me by providing better means of making a living.
Be a successful engineer & make a difference in the world.
Created/ engineered something that benefits human kind
Develop a clean, fuel alternative
Help build something that helps other people
Developing a new technology
Eliminating traffic jams in large cities
Stop global warming
Solving a worldwide problem, win reputation, or starting a successful computer company
To create systems that can use energy efficiently, solar energy
Become a pro hacker by 2020 and work in a security company to help prevent hacking.
Stop the progress of global warming, which will lead to saving the environment for the next generations
Get a big contract for a large and well known company
I would like to help stop global warming by using various methods to sustain energy. Perhaps increase the life of energy sources that we have today. Also use technology to end poverty as it kills many people. Make things at cheaper price so its affordable by everyone.
To be one of the best in my field of work and to be able to make the best solutions
Find a cure for cancer
Volunteer in African building sewage. Participate in large building conservation project
Work overseas/ live overseas; visit the last two continents; FTC job/ EWB
independently living; biomedical engineering in a credited hospital; developed analytical and critical thinking
Improve transportation (reduce heat loss) of electricity; Improve design/ increase efficiency of medicine
By 2020, I would want to construct an entire city and have it named after me.
Discover new isotopes & create a new altimeter
Find an alternative fuel source
Safe use and mass production of antimatter or at least a promising theoretical method (Nuclear fusion is the alternative).
Find an alternative for fossil fuels- achieve by 2020
Have a family (start)
Create a nano-scale Von Neumann machine (That somehow helps the world)
Contribute to the construction of an automobile.
Work at designing new material/ thing. Have a job for 5 years. Not die in apocalyptic disaster from 2012.
I would be proud of : the legacy I will have left started through my family; some awesome building that will change everything.
To build something that I can say I had a large hand in creating.
Having a good job in my field. Doing something that will impact the world in some way.
Have an idea/ theory that can supply clean water for everyone in the world; Free, accessible, clean water
A secure life for my family
Cell phone that could be changed into a wrist watch
Research alternate fuel source
Improve electrical energy production
Be lead architectural designer on a medium scale project.
Solve fuel shortages with renewable energy
My own house; worked in many different countries; meeting many new people.
Build eco-friendly chemical filters.
Create more efficient fuels that would last for generations to come, thus eliminating the need for fossil fuels; end poverty
128 it processor
Find a way to mine more environmentally-friendly and safe
Worked on a project that is used in the real world/ everyday society
Save 500 trees
Research for better/ new underwater passenger transport
Help design an efficient car engine.
Virtual world computer games
Prevent the extinction of BANANAS!
Half global CO2 emissions
Better forms of energy for the planet. Cost effective means of drilling at great depths.
By 2020, I would like to change 5 lives for the better with my work.
Set up fund for inspiring engineers to study.
Be full-time employed in the career I want.
Lower the risk of car accidents by using computing technology
Alternate fuel cell cars.
Help people who are in need and help to eliminate poverty.
Help people in 3rd world countries; Engineer an alternate method for electricity
Build wells, schools, orphanages, and other buildings in 3rd-world countries around the world, in an effort to provide humanitarian relief to those in need.
Help make 3rd world countries independent
The development of efficient living communities around the world, especially in the impoverished nations, that provide key needs first through automation.
Create something original and useful. Help colonize the moon.
Create more ways for sustainability in urban areas for the growing global population.
End the use of fossil fuels to create energy.
Created something innovative and efficient that benefits many people
New economically efficient/ high powered engine.
As an engineer I would like to help develop better medicines and drugs to help prevent the worst of diseases.
A powerful, economic and power-efficient platform of computers for worldwide sale.
I would like the world to be a completely pollution free state. And every person should have access to food and water.
$120,000 per year. Two trucks, a boat, and a vaiper and a big house in Niagara or Niagara on the Lake.
Having a career in which I am able to design new and innovative structures that will be able to change the way we live.
Cheaper air travel (more efficient jet fuel, aircraft design); cheaper vehicles for low-income groups
Engineer the world's tallest building
Develop a new/ more efficient system for solving corporate problems.
Able to give everyone a chance to fight and prevent diseases which are rising such as SARS or the H1N1 virus.
Basically doing something charitable. Be it donations to a worthy charity in the form of money or time and effort in a charitable organization. Little thing like not being wasteful too.
Mass iteration of electric powered and lighter cars for vehicles of all sorts.
Develop better renewable energy systems
Find solutions to provide easy but effective ways to deliver medicine throughout the human body, in order to minimize side effects and increase practicality of the drug.
Easy and cheap way to filter water in 3rd world countries.
Turning salt water to pure (drinkable) water!
Personal robots
Help improve access to clean water for people without it.
Car-free cities
Spaceflight (manned) to other planets OR colonies on those planets.
I'd like to have somehow helped improve the "greenness" of cities, such as reducing electricity use.
1. Computers that can understand humans. 2. Computers with faster processors.
Clean energy
I would like to improve the quality of the earth, such as cleaning up the pollution in the air and water. I want to make the world a greener place for the future.
Give back to society as much as it has given me, through helping those less fortunate with what I am able to offer them.
Innovate... better technology using nanotechnology, for a better, yet smaller world.
Providing commercial services, and in turn, philanthropy
I would like to use nanotechnology and design things to help improve the world.
Efficient transportation
Find a solution for global warming
Design/ create a cheap, sustainable form of energy that can be applied practically in the current world.
I'd like to achieve the great accomplishment of innovating and designing sustainable (ie. carbon neutral) vehicles that are affordable and reduces the global pollution by the year 2020.
Design sustainable low-cost housing.
To decrease poverty across countries around the world
Developing better robotics, such as A.I.; Creating better networks
Reduce poverty/ help reduce; support the unfortunate ones/ ones in need of technology and upgrades to improve their lifestyles; promote/ help reduce global warming/ climate change; promote/ help bring better technology to the countries in need
Make world run on solar panels
Affordable housing
Help implement more green technologies
Find a way to make the oil sands more friendly.
Engineering something that will render a previous object or structure, originally thought to be unchangeable, obsolete.
Own a company; Reduce pollution; Innovate better technology for better sustainability; Try to find ways to provide cheap/ free electricity to developing countries
Being a career in aeronautical design or research
A personal understanding and exploration of the problems of the world; the knowledge of how to bridge my profession with those problems
New practical/ cheap infrastructure for charging electric cars
Controlling objects using brain waves
Become a chief engineer
Do something about the pollution around the world; Make something that no one before has made
Cost effective airplane
Improve living conditions in developing countries
Petri-dish meat. (95% of food grown feeds livestock. How wasteful)
Help control industrial CO2 emissions by 2020
Get a job with over $100K pay per year.
Helped reached the singularity
Cheap, eco-friendly and fast vehicle
Writing free software for people and cheap access to the internet
Make electric cars work perfectly
Help improve the electric car, to make it more affordable
Stronger, lighter and more efficient plastics that can be used in design
I would like to optimize vital infrastructures in emerging countries
Sustainability- to continue doing all things we want to do in a way which won't hold us back in the future; It is something very often talked about from corporations to engineers to economizers
I would like to solve the global warming problem. I still want to help the environment as my first choice; because I want to have better, greener environment for my children.
Create a better cancer detection method, reduce wait times for MRI's, surgerys, etc. My knowledge of the cancer diagnosis and what wait times are like for surgeries and MRI's comes from personal experience.
Improve the Canadian health care system and the sustainability of 3rd world countries' health care
1. Green Buildings; 2. Better environment; 3. Better designed products that can make people's life easeir; 4. To make people understand a healthier way of living.
Build my own line of cars that are bought and sold around the world
Able to help people and influence others to do the same
Integrate sustainable design into architecture, with a focus on using renewable energy source.
Clean water to people in Africa
Nuclear Fusion Power
Most efficient transportation
Mak all green projects
More efficient conductors in electronic circuits
Turn the focus of society from money and work to the beauty of our world, creations, nature and people.
A tunnel between London and NYC; A bridge over Everest
Be in good company as a project manager!
By 2020, improve living standards of under-developed countries through better sanitation and spreading knowledge about living in sustainable communities in the context of each country or village. Better sanitation, CO2 levels lowered and targets set. (still figuring pts out though)
Find a way to use my skills to improve the lives of people less fortunate
By 2020: have designed/ implemented sustainable development practices in developing countries.
By 2020, I would like to achieve efficient, gas-emission free vehicles.
Fully electric cars, no gasoline/ ICE automobiles. This will create a much more clean and eco-friendly environment.
Design a revolutionary robot to aid in modern warfare
I want to be part of a team, designing a product or service that will have the potential to change the future world.
Utilizing or extracting natural resources in a way that minimizes harm to the earth.
Improve a system to allow the world to interact better as a team towards a common goal.
Safer, more environmentally friendly transportation
Help design something that will raise the quality of living for everybody.
Anything that would help preserve water and remove pollution...
10 years from now... establish a new operating system!
I'd like to design something that will change the world and how people live.
By 2020, have water systems all powered by clean energy all over the world.
Garbage-powered vehicles (waste)
New energy source: create a new and efficient source of energy
To make superfast computers that are lag-free and never crash, that can support the military, healthcare, etc.
What is something you'd like to achieve for the world by 2012? "Nothing goes to the landfill 0%" Cleaner, waste free environment!!!
Design a mechanism that saves more fuel
Help design/ create more eco-friendly fuels (cars)
Find a way to increase (power) output efficiency of power stations or any type of major energy provider
Hopefully be able to go to a 3rd world nation and help out using engineering skills (probably through EWB)
Help establish clean water supplies for impoverished nations
1. Create a new water recycle system for cities. 2. Done my research of Asia's water resource.
Improved electric/ hybrid car engines; more environment-friendly engines.
Find more efficient and eco-friendly ways to handle waste
Do something memorable and something to better the world.
A cost- effective mechanical exoskeleton for ALS, PLS, and other muscle-deteriorating diseases.
Create robot servants for the upper class citizens
Simple transportation; Humanoid suit for work/ military purposes.
By 2020, I will bring lean water to EVERYONE in the world.
By 2020, I would like to create a device used to help return our planet to its original, not polluted condition. -> working on bodies of water first
Create/ help invent simple machines that under privileged countries can use
Invent something useful that can be used for many generations
Work with the united nations environment programme (UNEP) to make the earth a better and cleaner place.
Water treatment plant in Zimbabwe
28 years old -> improve and innovate current transportation systems, less vehicles, high-tech trains, air travel, etc.
Produce a car that is 100% fuel efficient, and can reduce global warming.
A standardized video conversion engine packaged with all Windows/Mac computers.
Save a life.
Find an efficient and harmless fuel to replace oil and gas
Give back to the community actively, by solving or help solve, global warming
Renewable and efficient energy source; Make a difference to another person.
Design a robotic human exoskeleton
Get rich
Work on the next Bugatti
By 2020, I would like to achieve common attributes and characteristics as others to make the world a better place.
Finish my education?
MAKE volunteering just as important as my work life or family.
Help with the design and construction of a building
Work for Google
Make nuclear energy accessible and safe for the world -> remove the stigma!
Availability of clean water around the world.
Nanotechnology being used to save lives
Cut down CO2 production to almost 0 from vehicles and most factories
Clean water for all
Something to combat water pollution.
Flying cars!
Develop a new source of electricity converting different kinds of energy (heat, sound, etc.) to electricity
Feed people, provide clean water
Serving the world as an engineer
Develop a source of energy which is more economical, practical and better for the environment.
End poverty in the world
No more gas
Wireless chargin on mobile devices; Personal flying objects; Sufficient and cheap renewable resources
Inventing a flying car
Create a machine that can read minds
Star trek style space ships; artificially-intelligent robots (C3P0); terraformers
To have my name in a textbook
Help any society anyway I can using skills and tools learned at UW
Replace most chemical production methods of energy with cleaner more efficient ways (alternative energy production industry)
I would like to take Globalization to the next step, through Engineering where their are no borders. We all share technology to all parts of the world and not let it grow only in some parts. People will identify themselves as the citizens of this beautiful world and not as an individual country, caste or creed. Everybody will work towards having better technology
I always wanted to save the environment and I believe with the help of other "engineers", I will achieve it by 2020!
Make "clean" vehicles; give developing countries access to better machinery
Goal by 2020: Work for a big company- Intel, Blackberry, NVIDIA, etc. helping create hardware/ software
Overcome the energy crisis in the world by introducing alternatives to gas/ fuel- like electric cars/ solar cars.
Super-efficient saline purification system that will be used in dry areas
Create new methods of treating cancer; develop water treatments to create drinking water for all people; create better/faster electronics
Improvement/ advancement on the technologies involving renewable energy
Help in the development of a cure for a disease
Safe drinking water for the world
Make wi-fi available everywhere
By 2020, I want to create more energy saving methods for electricity or recycling products.
A cure for diseases such as HIV and cancer which kills several people every year.
Make LINUX become the main OS in the world
Create tools and systems to help solve simple environmental issues around the world
Advanced medical technologies
Get a degree
I'd like to open my mine and learn more knowledge to help other people to get a better life.
Make the world survice by doing the necessary shit! Anything!
Water system that connects all countries in each continent to have clean water for everyone.
Earn a lot of money
Come up with energy alternative
Develop an economical system of designing sheeters in third world countries.
I want to help build a satellite that will improve the lives of people
Better solar systems/ energy alternating
Design the next big thing (ie. iPod)
Invent a device used in the medical field.
I'd like to participate into some super modern conservation project.
To produce more electricity for my country (Pakistan).
Autonomous Adaptation in Artificial Intelligence: I want to be able to build a robot with artificial intelligence capable of engaging in a coherent conversation with people.
Higher efficiency in processes
Robot to serve all human beings
Create a machine that will benefit the whole world.
Create a software program on my own that somewhat or greatly changes the world.
To have productively changed something in the world. To explore more than one aspect or area of engineering
Worldwide access to the highest level of software and technology
Photorealistic computer graphics
To find an effective method to conserve water!
Help complete the reconstruction of the Parthenon and other ruins from Ancient Greece.
Carbon neutral! (buildings) designed and built
Invent the world's fastest/ efficient plane
Robots who serve mankind
Use solar and wind power for over 90% of power supply.
Making the world more environmentally friendly
Computer which works by our brain (neuro computer)
I want to be free to work on a project that matters to me and positively affects those around me.
What is something you'd like to achieve by 2020? Make solar energy more efficient and cheaper; Work with satellite or radar defection that can help in the research of life in outer space
Really good infrastructure.
Energy-neutral computers
A plane without pilot made by me
Develop a system that would improve or increase the profit of agriculture in Africa.
Human exploration on Mars
Advanced human-computer interfacing
Discovering an efficient substitute for gasoline in engines
Romoting automobile
An environmentally friendly society
Cheat something that helps humans lives
Fix the energy problem
Designing building that are incorporate the nature (area) around it (like FLW); Would just have become an architect if I don't take any years in between
Invent something useful
A more efficient power source; virtually unlimited energy
Help create something that can help many people in the world
Remove oil dependency
Find the next best way to produce electricity
Design a building, or work on a large project of similar importance
Improve air quality- little or no air pollution (especially in certain 3rd world countries)
Built more environment-friendly buildings and structures
Increased standard of living in countries around the world
Develop open source software that is able to be used by everyone
Peace among nations
I would like to achieve becoming a civil engineer, as well from that come out with a decend job
Anything beneficial, not sure what
An efficient solution to prevent oil spills or well leaks like what we experienced in 20120 so that we can save the environment and life of species.
More advanced vehicle GPS that use augmented reality!
Lead a team of engineers
Men to Mars
More efficient power systems: less energy loss to waste heat
I would like to achieve... a solution for the issue of pollution, along with providing essentials for myself and my family.
Practical solar powered car/ vehicle
Develop more efficient engines and vehicles
Help develop sustainable energy
Supply clean water to parts of the world that need it
Solving the world's energy problem
Being eco-friendly; Better technology and easier communication with less hassle to transfer information; Develop something unique
Develop the future robotic world
Design a building
A professional in the field working on any problems the world has to offer in order to benefit society.
Fast computer processors, capable of completing tasks at a breakneck pace; Hover cars and transport vacuum tubes
Live on Mars
Improve technology behind artificial limbs and make them more accessible
Improve vehicle fuel efficiency farther.
Bring people closer together from around the world
Create safer vehicles/ cars
Electricity in all corners of the world
Improved chasis design for cars
Electricity and internet for all
Make a perfectly synchronized synthetic arms and legs connected to human nervous system.
Alternate fuel source
Design acoustically sound areas
By the year 2020, I would like to have expanded our current knowledge in order to update technology.
Be an architect with some experience
Become a professional architect
Cheaper, faster, more efficient systems of transport
Rid the world of cancer
Invent a supermaterial
1. I hope I can solve the poverty; 2. I would like to help my environment
I think by the year 2020, I can make a robot which can do our daily-done works such as cooking food, waking up others and helping at home (bringing things and stuff).
More efficient energy source that reduces carbon emissions
Redesign and innovate the public buildings to improve the way our society functions
Having fun engineering stuff
Protect major cities from floods
Make an impact
Increase efficiency of energy gathering/ using machines
Design efficient, powerful electric or hydrogen cars.
Safe, environmentally friendly and self-powering infrastructures- places in Africa may have enough traffic lights but no electricity.
Establishing a charitable foundation
Huge electronic company that will change the world (have cute babies who will make the world a better place)
Correct management of water resources
I want to help make technology more readily accessible to more of the world.
Achieve a faster method of cheap transportation
Make it a safer/ healthier place!
Make a cool robot
Cheap and efficient solar cells
Build a better car
Establish new source of energy that is more environmentally friendly
Find an effective energy that can completely replace fossil fuels
Global distribution of clean water; develop better medicines
Deal with water issue in the world
Develop solar cells; stop global warming
No longer "burn" gasoline and oil related for fuel (energy)
To make medicine and healthcare more accessible to people around the world.
Alternative fuels or biochem edge maybe medical to make a difference; Help the environment by finding greener alternative fuels or new medical breakthroughs to help the human race.
Making an impact in people's day to day life, doing something that helps others; Helping provide clean water to others
I want all vehicles to run on renewable and eco-friendly energy; I want to see better plastic recycling programs which are not harmful to the environment.
Cure cancer; Better medicines; Help countries affected by bomb blasts/ natural disasters; Help improve the sanitary conditions in as many countries as possible, especially those that have a low % of sanitary and health conditions
Designing drugs or other chemical based products; Aim to change the world! (for the good)
Help cure a major disease/ illness (ie. cancer, major virus)
Help develop processes to further research in geothermal energy resources
Alleviate some transportation issues, either by improving fuel or creating an easier means of travel
I want to create more efficient solar panels or design something that will provide clean, accessible water for people all over the world.
To vastly change and advance the various processes related to waste management.
Work in a nuclear power plant to design safety precautions
Sustainable water supply for most countries; Design things to help discover outer space
Develop cleaner/ more efficient energy sources
Solve energy crises for 3rd world countries
Reduce CO2 emissions; Develop renewable energy
Make biodegradable polymers/ something that can degrade plastics; Clean water
Help with the production of alternative fuels
Develop the biofuels industry, making it feasible and in doing so, helping the environment; Modify oil and gas industry, cutting down in carbon emissions and making the processes cleaner
Help solve the problem of water pollution
Decrease the dependancy on crude oil as a source of gas, etc. by providing cheaper alternative
Reduce pollution caused by the oil sands in Alberta
To better the lives of others through EWB
By 2025, I would have to be a professional engineer and contribute to ending world hunger in countries experiencing poverty, as well as developing and engineering better medicines for people around the globe.
Find cures for cancer
End terrorism
Helping a big industry become more efficient and environmentally friendly.
Refine large-scale processes to improve efficiency
Improve quality of life for overall society
By 2025, I want to use engineering to see an end to unsanitary drinking water.
End the recession; Recycle water bottles
Stop global warming
By 2025, sustainable development- giving locals the skills to survive; accessible energy
By 2025, I want to have a successful career in engineering.
Help East Africa from poverty; Improve infrastructure
Find a cure for cancer; Reduce fossil fuel uses, work on alternative energy sources (possibly geothermal)
Clean water for third world countries
Engineering healthier foods
To engineer better chemicals for use
Make a sustainable form of a renewable energy source
To create renewable energies and resources
Make fresh water available for everyone
Working towards eliminating nuclear energy sources and helping to promote more intrinsically safe and renewable energy sources that don't create dangerous by-products.
Clean, filtered drinking water and around the world, safe and clean living spaces, teaching countries how to ge the best money for their crop, which will lead to diminishing world poverty
Achieve my engineering degree and have applied it to make a difference in the world
I want to change the way the aid industry is viewed and held accountable to the public.
Improve living conditions in 3rd world countries
Make solar energy more affordable
Work for a company I am passionate about
Clean drinking water for countries in Africa; Create a simple, effective process for water purification
I want to help: develop non-toxic toner for printers, create alternative fuels from hemp and weeds, industrialize the production of hemp paper (its cheaper & grows faster than trees).
Reduce use of plastics by 50 - 60% among the world OR develop a compound that is enviro-friendly and can actually break apart plastic and decompose; Reduce use of plastics with alternative by 50 - 60% OR develop an enviro-friendly compound that can decompose plastics
Develop more environmentally friendly methods of processing
No more gaps between the rich and the poor; find efficient alternative fuels; develop technology to change ocean water to edible water; finish my engineering program successfully
Creation of environmentally friendly fuel; Improvement of cosmetic products
Get my ring and P.Eng title and 6 figure paycheck
For the entire world to have access to safe, clean drinking water (was something I already expected to do)
Have a successful career and help make cleaner fuels
Reduce negative environmental effects; Improve global economy.
Increase sustainability of 3rd world countries, change the way people live and interact to a more sustainable one.
Develop a high-Tc superconductor that could be economically used in long range power transmission, facilitating the use of sustainable power generated in remote locations.
Engineer better/ more effective medicines; Make green energy more economical.
By 2025, I want to help solve the problem of rising food prices that cause impoverished nations to suffer from malnourishment.
Infinity energy; Create energy so cheap that it seems unreal
Cheap, clean water everywhere
End prejudice, education for everyone
Biodegradable plastics
Working on engineering medicines (ex. cancer, AIDS, etc.)
Stable career, solve problems at a global level
Graduate from Waterloo with a degree; Retire from the Canadian forces with a pension and have a tour of duty on my file.
Making more efficient techniques concerning resources for safer methods of processing; Make life safer; Make processes / products cheaper. No idea how to though right now
Find a great alternative fuel source as effective, and cheap, so gasoline and no pollutants released. Immortality?
Eliminate reliance on non-renewable energy sources; Elimination of this would reduce a great number of jobs and greatly upset the economy...
Find a new renewable source of energy; Working towards new types of medicine, engineering vectors.
Create/design an alternative fuel that is sustainable, practical and pollution-free.
Figure out a way to make hydrogen fuel safer in order to develop a very highly productive energy source that can be used in everyday life.
Alternate source of energy... Safe cosmetics & personal care products (alternatives to parabens, etc.); Green chemistry...
Develop and improve water irrigation systems in Cambodia; Increase efficiency and distribution of solar panels; Further minimize society's dependence on fossil fuels; Design a food preservative that does not have adverse effects on the human body.
Find an alternative material for hybrid/ electrical car batteries; Find an alternative car fuel
I want to bridge the cap between the poor and the rich by maximizing profit in the oil sector
Help control environmental issues so they become minimal
By 2025, I would like to provide clean water to everyone in the world. This will eliminate many water-causing diseases that affect the lives of many people around the world.
By 2025, I want to solve the problem of global communication. After I graduate, I want to work for Bombardier. I want to be a good engineer, not a lousy one. I want to be good at what I do.
Thing of ways to reduce waste
I'd like to improve some of the major manufacturing processes in third-world countries and help make them more efficient and sustainable and cost-effective.
By 2025, I would like to solve the problem of global warming. Although it cannot be completely fixed, I would like to see more engineers concerned about this grave situation and work together to remedy the situation, hopefully by 2025.
After graduating, I plan to work as an employee for a few years, then hopefully opening a family business of concrete mixing in Jordan.
I want to fix the world. Pollution is a huge problem that needs fixing.
Solve pollution problem and aid African children.
Safe nuclear energy- safety of future generations, a world free of mutations
Improve the management system in my father's dental clinic.
Eliminate bullying/ decrease suicide rates (1st world problems); Water purification is also an option
Apply my engineering knowledge to bring health advancements in third world countries
In 2025, I would like to see changes in the access to clean food and water across the world; trying to harness and use alternate sources of energy
Define engineering to the world; Contribute to exploits that will make the definition of engineering common knowledge
Cheap and affordable hybrid powered vehicles that emit low GHGs
Zero emissions vehicles
Water irrigation for a developing country so that they can grow crops and have clean drinking water
Working on a project to improve the medical world
Sustainable agriculture worldwide to provide economical stability
2020-Completed Waterloo
High efficiency off the grid heating/cooling systems
Design a machine that reduces the human effort to 2%
To provide electricity for countries that can't afford or have electricity
Solve the traffic problem (rush hour on 401/DVP)
I'm not sure, that's why I come here. Something to help the environment.
Getting all nuclear power plants in the world switched off
Recycle everyday until then.
Find more ways to produce green energy (ex. more efficient solar panels, fuel cells)
Be working on a project to reduce air pollution.
Improve efficiency. Benefit to as many people as I can.
Have a high paying job. Make a more energy efficient car.
Help in a creation of an energy efficient car
Design systems and devices to help in medical problems such as early cancer detection
Alternate fuel source
Freshwater and secure shelter for everywhere in the world.
I want to work on a project about building biomechanical arms or legs for handicapped people
Build a structure that will last 100 generations.
Relate the knowledge of nanotechnology to medical service or energy systems
Achieve a more efficient way of supplying electrical power to households
Help build a green building
Design a new more efficient ore extraction method
Improve the lives of 100 people
Help make something that made someone's life much better.
To assist in designing mechanical systems that do not require the use of oil/gas (ex. cars)
Improve energy efficiency.
Improve manufacturing process efficiency
Improve sustainability worldwide, reducing the probabilities of an environmental catastrophe thanks to global warming.
Establish global e-communication through the development of nanodevices which allow for easier and cheaper access to communication, which will allow collaboration between several parties to solve problems.
Develop a new computer that is both efficient and inexpensive to allow those in impoverished countries to have access to them and services such as the internet.
More electrical cars on the road thus lowering emissions
More efficient transportation with less impact on the environment. Bring manufacturing back to the americas.
Work on a clean water project
Help high density populated areas to provide better living conditions.
Moving on to something else
Most of America is powered by green energy.
Higher number of females in Engineering.
Design an affordable communications technology to connect people in developing countries and rural areas to each other and to the rest of the world.
Computerized driving
come up with an efficient form of reusable, renewable energy
New medical technologies for the world
Easier ways of marketing to the world through internet (second and third world communities).
Develop faster, more efficient computers.
Have a PhD. Reduce greenhouse gases.
Help in the development of nanomaterials.
Make robots capable of human abilities
Design more efficient computers that are able to operate with little to no human input
Love and peace in the world!
Build something huge
Have more easy to use technologies. Make a man powered car.
Ensure every individual has access to a computer and the worldwide web
Make autopilot cars
Make Mars inhabitable for people
Making fossil fuels obsolete.
Efficient and cheap alternatively powered consumer vehicles
Successful job I enjoy that can help people
Participating in projects that helps stop desertification
Developing a revolutionary video game
More renewable energy sources
Everyone will be able to have access to free clean drinking water, good shampoo and detergent.
Find a way to reuse nuclear waste.
developing wireless electricity
Help developing new nanotechnology devices.
100% Green cities
Take part in a project which will bring about innovation in the lives of common men and women.
World unity
Improve efficiency of the health care system
Improve the development of homes as overpopulation becomes an issue
Contribute to the design of technologies that can further our understanding of the world
Solving our energy crisis and investing in renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources.
floating/ sea covering infrastucture as we run out of land for our growing population.
Preventing Malaria
Reduce pollution in natural waters
I would like to create a product that helps to improve global communication and the sharing of ideas
To improve the quality of living of at least one other person
Improving water filtration and finding ways to make fresh water accessible to everyone. Find alternative energy sources that will have less impact on the environment. Create man-made products that are healthy for us to consume, or find the problems with existing products that are causing illnesses.
Create something eco-friendly
Solar power, fuel cells, hydrogen fuel: FIXING THE ENERGY CRISIS
Will work wherever I'm needed, as long as it's useful/good I guess
Introduce all countries to solar and wind power and encourage the use of those technologies for 25% of their power consumption
Promote clean energy sources
Create affordable, practical completely electric or water powered vehicles
Find a cleaner form of energy
End world poverty
Make an electric vehicle
Energy shortage
Reduction in reliance on fossil fuels by 50%
Make all computing devices hollographic so no need to scavenge for metal and plastic to make computers. Plus it will make accomplishing tasks a lot more efficient.
Learn Japanese
Create ways to better help special needs people
Build free space shuttles for people to travel in the space (moon, mars, other planets)
Render fossil fuels obsolete
Create a system that uses more eco-friendly resources
Start to build a multi-national company to change the pattern of the world [Type I civilization]
Maybe something innovative. Something that brings unity in the world?
To become a famous engineer, design some famous buildings
Play an important role to realize a model of electric cars
I will design a more efficient chemical process for water purification
Do something productive, globally
Design fuel efficient vehicles
To reduce pollution by at least 50% by promoting the idea of a "green world" through green architecture
Sustainable growth and development of the earth's resources
In 2020, I would like to be an engineer who could design world's best:NUCLEAR REACTORS
Finishing my masters, having made a difference in rural parts of the world, have done EWB, saving and buying my dream house
To give people prosthetics (arms/legs etc)
To build a robot which could help with everyday tasks
Greater access worldwide to episodes of "How I met your Mother". (Bring joy to the world)
Having worked and traveled in five new countries
Changing peoples view of life
Make the best car in the world?
I would like to have found my place in the world by 2020, and by doing so, help create a safer, healthier world for future generations
Have designed something and see it built
Have P.Eng work or create a good company
Improve the efficiency of computers, make computers more portable (hand held)
I would like to find a way to cut down pollution from cars, buildings etc and to cut down energy costs with green ways
I would like to put hydrogen powered cars into production to cut down pollution and save fuel
Help preserve the environment
Elimination of radical manmade climate change
Curing baldness through nano drugs
making everything have a smaller eco footprint
Reduce our dependence on oil as a fuel source
Ensuring that all households benefit and use energy efficient appliances
Make androids (or at least, DORAEMON)
Sustainable tower/highrise agriculture
Build the quantum computer
All-electric transit
Make alternative energy more accessible to equatorial, developing countries… or at least get started
Start a computing/IT business, help make computing easier for everyone
Finally fast internet for people far from large pop centers
Design functional exoskeletons
Stabilize the climate
2020-Develop a more efficient method of extracting minerals from the ground
Provide clean water in Africa. Provide more efficient way to trade for poor countries
More efficient vehicles, infrastructure improvements in developing countries, long walks on the beach for everyone :)
Get published
Discover the most efficient way of generating electricity
To be able to design a computer that does not require hardware to function
Design the least expensive computer
Create various work robots to help the poor country gain more industrialization. Also, make a perfect no soein limbs, so that people with amputated limbs can get their arms or legs replacement.
Clone myself (the world needs more mes)
Design or collaborate on creating software that is sold to the general public. Preferably if it is met with an amount of positive revenue.
Make the world a safer place
An alternative fuel source for cars that's eco-friendly and sustainable to mass produce
Contribute to a patent for portable/in-house early disease detection devices :)
Develop new technologies which will help manufacturers produce electronics/electrical devices more efficiently
I would like to participate in EWB and help at least 3 different villages. It can be through providing water, constructing homes or providing vaccinations against common illnesses
Create a nano device that is smaller than a fly so that it can go to every planet in the universe to give a lot of information for humans
Alternative fuel that works
Better worldwide water availability
Perfect virtual reality
Worked in an impoverished country and improved water systems in a few towns to directly improve their health and quality of life
I want to build a gigantic sewer
CEO of a tech company that I started
Design my own fighter jets
Contribute in some way to furthering nanotech
Ending reliance on fossil fuels
Share my own music to the world-charity concert tour for funding; to build schools in third world countries
Create a new aroma that is like no other that only contains ecofriendly ingredients and is made naturally
A community/town style of living that does not impact the environment
More efficiency in technology in oil and gas industry
Having a stable life, earning a double major in mech eng and life sci, healthy
Developing automotive transportation that runs on sustainable energy and environmentally harmless in operation and manufacturing
To create a program or system of programs to better serve a certain complex task (or set of tasks). That or robots
To help provide faster and efficient medication and treatment for diseases (especially underdeveloped/developing countries)
Flying tractors
Earning a second degree, purchasing a house and vehicle
Time travel
cheap, waterproof shelter available around the world for refugees and other need groups
Feasible Electric Cars, affordable and functional
I would like to help improve equipment in all fields of work to increase safety standards and increase efficiency
Have a globally influential job
Make basic necessities available to at least 50% of the world's pop
Reclaim natural resources from unsustainable practices
Using natural energy source to save the environment and enhance living conditions (Go "Venus Project")
I would like to invent the most consumer demanding item, that almost every household will have
To help find at least one vaccine/cure using nanotechnology
New sustainable technology in robotics-which means the machine is powered by a sustainable source of energy making it more useful in hard-to-access areas.
By 2020, I'd like to improve our space exploration abilities/Make advances in Astronomy?
By 2020, I would like to find a more efficient fuel energy supply
2020- hmmm… buildings for poor countries, roads for travel as well
Make a difference in someone's life
Solve common problems with electrical devices, such as x-box overheating computers freezing lightbulb inefficiency etc
Raise awareness about renewable energy sources and implement them in my work
Be apart of something big
Achieve equality, help poor countries with their major issues
10 years from now, I would be proud of changing people's lives for the better and doing God's will
Eco-friendly, health approved work environments
Designed a building that is completely sustainable and self sufficient, using new innovative techniques
A cheap, easy to assemble, self sufficient house for use in disaster areas as well as poor regions of the world
Popularize sustainable architecture
help make energy production/distribution more efficient
better fuel sources
Invent a highly efficient braking system for automobiles that works in a non-traditional method (function)
Make Toronto a better place to live in
Have a job in a field that is yet to exist
Something that improves life of all, not just those who can afford it
Practical efficient source of human transportation producing no toxic emissions and little/none greenhouse gases
More solar power energy
Graduating, starting a job, travelling, and being self-sufficient
Design and develop a new fuel source (re-newable) for transportation vehicles and other uses
Build robots that work and are cheap!!!
To create power lines iin places where they don't exist
Curtail global warming and it's hazardous effects. Give an answer to globalization by universally accessible and affordable techniques
Give hope to people
Build an engine that is fueled by nitrogen
Designing better engine system for cars for better efficiency and less pollutants
The world named after me
Complete integration of ALL electronic and virtual data. And miniaturize technology.
Design a robot for purposes helping mankind
I would wish to help build a school for a town in a war torn country
By 2020, I'd like to achieve a steadier source of energy storage :)
Work with NASA to build a base on the moon
I would like to alter technology from the way it is now in order to help more individuals going through difficult times.
Help in contributing an idea to make something better, make something easier for a community
I would like to have made it easier for at least one rural area to communicate and trade with urban areas. I would also like to take part in a building project to enlarge a city so that is is overpopulated
Contribute to the discovery of an efficient, economical, and renewable energy source
Help innovate a technology that makes getting clean water easier, with less waste of it
I would like to achieve a better overall surrounding for all the people in Canada. Help with the food, medicine, and water industries in Canada
I would create this thing that will generate power endlessly, which would be helpful to the world
Develop technologies to enhance educational system in underdeveloped countries
Helping underdeveloped countries with technology integration in their health system
Not cause any harm to the world help people whenever I can
To provide legitimate shelters in the minority townships in South Africa
(drawing of robot food in hand on card)
Live on Mars
Clean water for everyone
Cleaner energy
Be part of a plan that develops better fuel alternatives to gasoline that are also more effective and ecofriendly
Help with a Manned Mission to Mars
Propose some technology that makes the world more awesome
Reduce our consumption of fossil fuels
Extend the average life span of Canadians, through nanomedicine, by 2 years by the year of 2020
Contribute to greener or more efficient energy
Another way to treat infected patients without using penicillin
I'd like to be in a team that works for solutions for global warming
Creating an efficient and affordable hydrogen fuel cell battery
Help prevent/solve climate change
Increase healthcare in poor third-world countries
I want to think of an innovative idea to help provide clean drinking water to impoverished countries and villages
Create a better, faster and easier public transportation system
Help develop a world solely powered by renewable resources
Involve in getting better technologies to help improve the poor countries
I would like to help the electricity company in my country (Algeria) light up the whole country. Help minimize and probably eliminate black outs in the county. I would also like to help rural areas get developed and improve the safety of the people.
Help lower poverty and homelessness
I want to discover a new more efficient energy source which rivals nuclear power and is environmentally friendly
Improving communication infrastructure
A method of storing nuclear energy, because a vast amount of current nuclear energy is wasted
A method to clean mass amounts of water for use in rural areas without much money
Developing a system or robot to assist workers in developing countries
Renewable fuel, remove dependence, research on new materials
Better communication systems and living situations for citizens in developing countries
Optimize efficiency and performance of cars
Making paper LCD and distributing them to the third world for education purpose
Build affordable houses that are fully powered by solar power
Relieve dependence on fossil fuels
By 2020, I would like to achieve more efficient solar panels that are cost effective
Allowing 3rd world students to have opportunities as engineers
I'd like to design a computerized Robotree which is run on solar energy and helps maintain the level of CO2 in the atmosphere. So, it helps minimize global warming and is run on a renewable source of energy
Create a network of Engineers and Engineering students to travel to foreign third world countries and provide technology for developing their country.
Create an alternate fuel source
Working on efficient/innovative infrastructure (especially on bridges).
Global warming solving products (alternative fuel sources). Not leaving people behind as technology pushes forward
To have participated in a project to develop a complex computer system to increase the efficiency of a city's infrastructure
Create a bodysuit that protects females from rapists
Create better materials for everything
I would like for the world to be free of cars that run on fossil fuels and non-renewable energy. I would want to be part of a project that builds cars that run like cars with fossil fuels without the fossil fuel itself.
Improve globalization and get third world countries more involved in the process
Help in the design of a better transportation system in the city of Toronto
Advanced Independent Robotics AI tech.
Helping create a fully independent machine that will be used to further human development by completing tasks that are dangerous or impossible for humans alone.
Improve the quality of life for people of the world lesser poverty, healthcare through communication
Improve computer interfaces
Work on a project that improves efficiency in factory systems to conserve energy and help stop global warming
Working with a team that is improving health care devices such as CAT scans
Finding a new, better renewable resource to power cars, homes and business to help preserve the earth
Improved sanitation, and improved medical techniques for fatal diseases
Cheap and clean energy sources
Find an alternative source of energy to replace fossil fuels completely
My goal is to stop the monopolization in the computer market
What I want to be proud of by 2020: Been to a third-world country to make a difference. Earn a secure job which is enjoyable
Proud of: Doing innovative space research. Designing a better mode of transport. Winning a nobel prize. Being rich.
Explore space. Become a professional engineer. Become famous in my area of study.
By 2020, I hope to have the ability, or be working on a project that would yield a beneficial influence on the environment and society.
Achieve a job that matters
$120 000 annual salary
By 2020, I would like to have built different structural buildings in different parts of North America and maybe even globally.
Breakthrough in space technology
I want to make sure that even the poorest of people have access to the interenet
Improved satellite technology for the military
As a chemical engineer, I would like to create a more efficient and earth friendly way to change oil into fuel
Design a major portion of some ridiculously complicated robotic system.
More efficient and accurate health instruments
Getting a good job.
Something I'd like to achieve by 2020, is automated traffic (cars driven by sensors)
Contribute to the sustainability of our global lifestyle
A new type of vehicle that will help solve global warming like an aircraft that does not use fossil fuels
Make the oil sands extraction processes more environmentally friendly
An unlimited energy source
Self sustaining robots. Further research on space.
Reducing CO2 rates. Equalize economic status's among mankind. Increase efficiency of transportation services.
Help a company become more efficient and eco-friendly
Create an effective cancer-eating nanobot
Create new medical technologies to help the sick
Alternate Fuel Resource
Improve the environmental conditions
Good time management
Have a good job
Achieve by 2020- alternative methods to burning oil and natural resources
Significantly decrease the use of oil. Use solar or wind power instead. End the production of oilsand
The ability for the average family to afford all renewable forms of energy for their homes and cars
By 2020, I would like to see the world full of renewable energy sources, instead of just depending on offshore drilling
End global warming
Stop global warming
I'd like to have created a cure for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
By 2020, I would like to have designed a feasible and sustainable way to create and distribute energy to homes
Be part of or lead a firm that helps make a significant difference in the world
Something I'd like to achieve by 2020: To be able to create computers so small and efficient, they will even control things like people's toasters
Deliver cheap and efficient communications for everywhere
It's a bit far fetched, but hopefully eradicate poverty
Inventing something that helps a family
Help the world
Help with new energy saving technologies
I'd like to design alternative energy generation systems for global use and design/invent products to better suit the needs of all
Having developed new technologies for the betterment of mankind
Help a colony in Africa
Build something that helps people live a better life
A non polluting method of energy production for mass consumption. And developing antimatter- matter anhilation converter in 2040
Energy Independence- That means no dependence and plenty of energy replenishing sources
Build a water treatment facility/well or at least design a solution for water shortage problem in other parts of the world
Find the most important role as a management engineer. Graduate.
Universal internet connection
Interconnecting, universal travel methods
Helping develop alternative energy sources
Work on cancer research/cure
National Resource (Environmental) Accountability through provincial planning and international trade
Super computer to simplify the way of life
To have helped at least one community using what I've learned in UW Engineering
Lesser poverty and more employment opportunities
In 10 years, I want to have completed my PhD in Engineering and can easily lecture around different institutes.
I want at least one person to be able to say I made their life better.
25% less poverty
Finding an environmentally friendly alternative for car tires
I would like to build or participate in organization that support life.
Improve quality of life around the world
A way to combat CO2 emissions
That every country is provided with same facilities
I would like to invent biomedical devices that help surgeons operate on patients more effectively
$100 desktops
What is something you'd like to achieve by 2012? Get a decent job.
Computer using quantum computing technology
Solve car pollution and greenhouse gases
My land of origin is torn and poverty stricken. By 2020, I hope to do something that would help my country, whether this aid is significant or insignificant, any and all help is needed to make it a better place
More prevalent use of solar energy
Build many innovative technologies to help eliminate poverty
Make the world an easier place to live in
To maintain a job in my field of engineering and discover (or begin to) the cure to cancer
Use solar power to make energy efficient appliances
I want to build more efficient and powerful electronic devices, such as mp3, cell phone
Affordable, more efficient and much more environmentally friendly fuel source, cause that's what we got to do
I would like to participate in engineers without borders to help make the world a better place
To allow computers to be more user friendly and easier to use so that people in poorer countries could access information easily ( once computers are donated to them)
Free electricity for everyone
I'd like to solve specific problems that need solving
Helping to develop a system for the world's energy needs
Creating a personal quantum computer
Increased reliance on alternative fuels
Bring easier computer/internet access to third world countries that don't have that access yet
To be involved in a creation for a cure to cancer
Design a compact, energy efficient and practical car to be used in busy streets and traffic. Create a machine/robot that does household chores
Provide electricity that is affordable to places where there is no electricity and people who need it most; like farmers in third world nations.
Have at least some power generating facility in every community, so power can be made locally, using renewable resources, and can be used by all
I would like to aid in the development of nuclear power be it through fission or fusion
More efficient irrigation systems for farmers
Shorter the time people take to travel the world.
Be involved in helping prevent/fix damages caused by natural disasters
Confront the shortage of potable water/ the ability the world's population has to access it
Expand the living area for people of the world. For example, with increasing populations make another earth like planet
Work on effectively using other sources of energy other than fossil fuels
Lead a major development project for a breakthrough technology
Use knowledge to help stop poverty
Help with communication around the world, to third world countries with families far from home
Reverse the effects of global warming. Find effective solutions to reduce pollution and make the world a cleaner place
Invent a new energy source, a renewable one.
Having a higher life expectancy. Building an artificial intelligence robot
I would like to help create nano-machines that seek out metastasized cancer cells in the body and destroy them
Improve health care systems
Reduce crime rate
Address poverty issues created by simple problems with simple solutions
Become a part of EWB and travel to aid others
I would like to design a machine like spaceship that is anti-gravity so when the land is overwhelmed by people we can all go to the sky
I would like to be a part of funding a cure to a disease that is currently incurable
Go to the far places of this world and use this skill to improve the lives of many
To save people from cancer. Like any kind of medicine's production or what so ever
For each country to be equal
Providing clean water to poor countries
Provide education to everyone in the world. Because education will decrease the rate of poverty
Utilise solar power/more efficient ways to get energy
Adressing the problem of energy shortages in developing countries like Bangladesh
Develop new technology
To be part of the process in developing newer technology that is more efficient
I want to become a successful engineer and solve the world's problems such as a lack of stable infrastructure in rural areas
Develop robotics to ease casualties among our soldiers
Room temperature superconductor
I want to help in a project that will connect a bridge from country to country around the world
Find a viable alternative for the combustion engine. Possible electrolosis, magnets. I don't know yet
Modern global communication system that allows data exchange throughout the entire solar system
I would want to teach engineering
Fix the ozone layer
To slow down global warming by developing systems that are environmentally friendly
Space exploration
Replacement of unnecessarily dangerous chemicals with safer, more eco-friendly substitutes
Efficient energy systems
Integrated communities operating in an efficient and eco-friendly manner globally with innovative process allowing swift adaptation as benefit to and from changing circumstances
Build proper and easier systems for accessing anything. Cure aids.
Improve global coherency by bettering computer systems
Develop a cleaner way to power the society
Finding a way to grow crops easier and more efficiently so that it can help solve the world's hunger problem
Help providing cheap transportation between cities in the Dominican Republic or Africa, or some other third world countries
A renewable, clean, feasible source of electricity
Create a barrier-free world and world peace and stuff
Everyone has every basic necessity. By doing this there won't be any difference between the rich and poor
Increase/improve sustainable energy usage
A computer that can be fastest and put it into a pocket, and carry it everywhere you go
Become CEO. Invent the brightest LED
I want to make the world a better place. Through the education I attain at UW, I will make the world a better place to live in. Not quite sure what it is yet however.
Devise a means of making transportation cheap, clean, and available to the masses
I want to help control flooding in the third world
Have improved the lives of at least 20 people in another country
I would like to be involved in the production of a medical product that can save or improve lives
Eliminate the need to use gas, and other polluting substances
To make things at the atomic level efficient and cheaper
I want to construct some type of equipment that could solve people who have problems building some type of material. Like a device that could read you the instructions and you were doing something wrong. It would point out a solution
Provide at least one idea or invention that can improve the lives of people
To obtain my degree in engineering
Help Bangladesh build up their economy and become a developed nation
Improve living standards in impoverished countries
Providing clean, safe drinking water for people in underdeveloped nations
I would like to end all or most huge problems in the world
I'd like to have made trips to at least one village in a third world country to help build proper homes and a fresh water source
Remove the dependency of coal power to alternate forms of energy production
Find better resources for fuel; help develop second-world countries
Stop Global Warming
Make cars more efficient, powered by another source of renewable energy; Make my employer more efficient in environmental impact
I would like to work with biomechanics and optimizing hospital systems.
I want to automate simple tasks to relieve humans from mundane work.
By 2025, I want to find a way to continue living life with the same convenience (technology, cars, etc.) but with reduced pollution, to prevent global warming.
A problem I'd like to solve is building a better power storage technique. A better battery is key to furthering our civilization. Its the key to travel off our planet and to improving everyday life.
Develop better equipment and machines for different companies.
I would love to be a part in solving the problem of providing a proper supply of food to countries that face hunger issues on a regular basis. Our world produces much food, but the supply chain of food to these countries needs to be examined and improved drastically.
Help bring modern amenities to underdeveloped communities
Improve automotive performance and safety through the use of autonomous robotics.
Collaboratively work/ form a team of students to provide access to clean water in other countries.
As I come from a South American country, I am really aware of the problems present in a poor society. One of my first goals is to work towards resolving as much problems in Venezuela as I can. I am not really sure how or what, but there are many issues to address, such as poor health services, poor services infrastructure, among others, where I know I can collaborate and try to find solutions, or take new technologies and adapt them to the country.
Reliance on fossil fuels, global warming; Providing clean water for all, better recycling and reducing environmental hazards.
Reduce pollution from the use of cars. In addition, find a way to offset the emissions from the production.
My goal by 2025 is to have a nice collection of suits. Another goal is to work to help the environment (work on waste management, try to reduce waste at landfills by 10% by 2025.
Working on virtual simulators/ virtual reality.
Alternative energy
Use less pollute fuels to replace the current fuel for running automobiles
Make less people die of hunger each day; Understand human nature & the workings of the brain
Build fully self-sufficient building
Ultimate energy efficiency in suburban setting
Accomplish something notable.
Develop better HID technologies for the disabled
Help create more fuel efficient vehicles for the environment
Improve existing technology and live sustainably
Being a successful entrepreneur with an internationally renowned company. Changing the lives of everyone and improving society with efficient and mind-blowing technologies.
Revive the electric car
Try to create a fresh water system that reaches all those in third world countries
Try to find a way to bridge communications and bring equality to third world countries and first world countries.
Help reduce water pollution from oil spills. Better infrastructure for poor countries
Develop economical water distribution systems to help end water privatization in third world countries.
A job where I can make a difference and at least a month in a third world country applying what I learned at UW.
Independence and the ability to support a family, A suitable home to begin a family in.
Safer and more efficient way to take oil out of the ocean floor.
A mass produced zero emissions vehicle for around $10,000
Establish a business. Be able to make generous donations to various charity organizations.
A technology that is useful, long-lasting and completely revolutionary
I would like to achieve or create more green alternatives to obtain energy/electricity
Be working on faster technology for computers
To design a better and more efficient system that co-ordinates our global economy to make the world, and all the people living in it, to have an equal opportunity towards anything they want to do. Have a foot-print that everyone will remember me for.
Design affordable and reliable communications infrastructure for the middle classes in developing nations, thereby increasing the availability of information worldwide.
Help create cheap but effective material for tools for farming. Helping solve the world hunger problem.
Build a building
More effective resource management.
Reduce poverty in third world countries by developing cheap and effective technology.
Create more environmentally friendly ways of manufacturing cosmetics and other beauty products.
Create positive nuclear energy and provide it to developing countries.
Have first hand experience in 3rd world country
Let's stop climate change!
Make energy sources more efficient
Find a cure for cancer
Start revolution in the Congo
Find new methods for a more efficient power supply to produce less pollution.
I make it a better place to live.
Aid in the creation of a new revolutionary technology whatever it maybe.
Design laptops that are very power-efficient so that they can be powered by a small photovoltaic cells
I don't know yet but i'll find out.
More than 50% of the energy used can be provided with renewable resources.
Increase efficiency of industrial company to reduce pollution.
No idea
Eliminate AIDs
Happy fun times for everyone which includes lots of water...
Build enviro-friendly WMO's
End poverty
Design a car which can be efficiently run on renewable power and sold for pass production
Technology that helps disabled people use computers and the internet with ease.
Eliminate power shortage. Build an Ironman suit.
Designing and building civil engineering projects that has little to no effect on the environment and do not add to climate change.
Still be doing engineering.
Do my part in substantially decreasing poverty in some part of the world.
Cure for diabetes and AIDs
Have my own company
Have a balanced life. Finish the 100 book list and be interesting.
Invent a new way to harness nature's energy.
Find new non-polluting energy source
Graduate UW. Invent something cool.
To be a millionaire
Bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. Ensure the poor have access to electricity, basic electronic devices, means of communication and transport.
Solve a world problem like global warming.
Establish a company that has a great influence in the IT field.Provide techs/services that bring people's lives standard to a new level.
Less congestion of traffic of all sorts in Toronto and Hong Kong.
Reduce poverty in India. Build one big wireless network which is localized for the whole world.
Graduating from UW Eng in the engineering profession in hopes of making Ontario a better place to live in.
Travel to a developing country and help improve their lives.
Make computers common sight in all countries.
Enter professional field and improve the quality of products.
Make the world a better place and work for an awesome company.
Higher earning and living standards.
More efficient and effective medicines.
A peaceful world which is energy efficient and where their is proper technology available to help patients in a manner that is feasible for the hospitals and the companies which control them.
Reduce global poverty.
A reliable career
Better living standards for the poor.
Bring communications to people who haven't been exposed to the power of telecom.
Help reduce the effects of global warming.
Reduce poverty.Invent something. Own a Lamborghini.
Be working for some humanitarian org. rebuilding infrastructure in developing countries.
Reduce carbon emissions by 10% in my community or province.
Solve the energy crisis, Reduce Carbon expulsion, Graduate University
Travel a 3rd world nation to help improve their quality of life.
Reduce the effects of global warming
Quicker solutions to cleaning up oil spills (Quicker than BP)
Constructing an innovative building to address problems relating to over population
Helping all the poor people to be able to get a better life thought engineering, such as better fertilizers for their farms. Fertilizers play an important role in farming especially in deserted area and they have to be cheap too.
I would like to achieve a more cost efficient mode of transportation that is not harmful to the society and the environment that both the poor and rich can use.
Learn all the possible skills to achieve a successful career and apply all my skills to this world to make it a better place.
Organize a major fundraiser (hopefully over $60,000) for a country currently in poverty/recovering from a natural disaster.
Apply renewable energy such as solar and wind power all around the world before oil runs out.
To graduate and be working a good job, making a good difference in the world.
Become a successful engineer with a 6 figure salary
Making wireless headphones more affordable/available.
Five years from now, my goal would be to help the needy in terms of infrastructural development. There are lots of homeless people out here unprivileged to have what is called home. As an engineer, I’ll strive to fulfil their dreams, taking advantage of the knowledge I have
I think I would like the world to achieve peace and harmony by 2020. Countries should also refrain from overusing natural resources for their progress
Building environmental friendly robots to help people all around the world especially in the third world countries.
Artificial skin for burn victims
Employed with income enough to buy most of what I want in addition to necessary things (house, facilities, food) In a relationship would be fine too. A nice number of friends with different expertise, not just engineers.
By 2020 I would like to achieve something in my field of mechanics. After graduating, I will develop a machine which could help many people in factories, the speed would be awesome.
I want to build/design something that will contribute to the greater good.
By 2020, I would like to have gained a deep enough understanding about the complex problems developing nations face so that I can help solve them/make a difference
I’d like to achieve helping to create more efficient energy/electricity production and make necessary electronics and communications available to more people. My future is unknown.
Successfully integrate chloroplasts into animal/human cells. Discover a method to instantly eliminate/neutralise alcohol intoxication.(advanced proteomics). Develop “nano sensors” which would flow though a person’s bloodstream and monitor insulin levels, blood glucose, lactic acid levels, hormone markers etc. and would wirelessly interface with a watch/smartphone.
Help in the innovation and improvement of technology that helps those in need. Help the improvement of technology that improves the safety and convenience for people.
Ten years from now, I guess I’d be running my own enterprise maybe, I don’t know. What I’d like to do is banish poverty from the world. I still haven’t figured out exactly how to do it but I hope to get rid of it as soon as possible, cause even at this age I've seen more than enough of it.
I would like to get my master’s in nano tech.
Clear, Independent water cleaning mechanism that can be energy producing transported anywhere in the world which is cheap to manufacture.
I would like to make the world a better place
To create a more environmentally friendly vehicle. OR. To develop a more efficient piece of medical equipment.
Graduated from masters, starting my own firm
By 2020, I want to reach my maximum potential.
Clean air
Contribute to the creation and promotion of "green" and renewable energy.
The world to be a better place to live, eradicate poverty, create jobs and opportunities for the third world countries. Provide education to everyone.
Find and harvest a new source of clean energy.
Stabilizing world population and maintaining a balance with the environment.
More efficient transportation.
Help children in 3rd world countries have better lives; clean water to drink, nutritious food to eat, and, school to go to.
Develope affordable data communication between countries. Become more aware of global issues.
Find a new energy source. Create a planet that people can live in. Achieve global commute (like a rocket plane).
Volunteer and actively improve peoples quality of life.
Better communication technology, quantum computing and A.I.
Cure to cancer and exceptionally fast CPU's/GPU's
Sustainable homes for those living in difficult climates (cliffs,deserts,mountains).
Large scale robotics for agriculture assistance.
Clean drinking water.
Sustainable housing/communities
Eliminate the need for non-renewable resources.
Running out of space and resources in the world.
Be working on a project to stop a pandemic.
Improving the overall efficiency of a company to help reduce greenhouse gases.
Donate $1000 to help starving children between the ages of 5-12 in South Africa.
Design and manufacture robots.
New design for hybrid cars, giving out double their current hp.
A positive change in the environment and creation of more ecofriendly practices.
Build beautiful, environmentally friendly, affordable housing.
To be able to have a good job and one day own a company.
Build up structures that resist the nature's threats and are safer for people to live in.
Design electrical systems that minimize wasted energy.
Get the energy we need directly from the sun.
Everyone on Earth can enjoy the benefit of nuclear energy.
Improve the design and efficiency of a long established system because there is room for improvement in everything. Nothing is perfect, what exists is what has the least imperfection.
Include overall quality including safety and sustainability of manufactured products.
Electric vehicle innovation.
Achieve a steady lifestyle when it comes to work and family.
Everyone living in peace and exploring different parts of the universe.
Cleaner, faster, cheaper and easier to use water pumping stations.
Be a dad!
Eradicate hunger.
To develop myself into an individual that can serve the world effectively.
No poverty.
The next big software (like Microsoft Windows).
Graduate studies, Biomedical Engineering
Building the next mew advancement in any field (i.e. alternate fuel)
Revolutionize healthcare
Healthcare (universal, affordable, not controlled by pharm companies); education (all kids should have access)
Try to find a solution to make environmentally friendly processes and products cheaper for more people to use them.
To redefine management systems in countries that need better management of their resources, like Africa, etc.; Support sustainable development
In year 2025, my goal is to design more efficient and environmentally friendly processes
To be a P.Eng, helping the global community to better the structuring of our world in terms of food distribution, international monuments and mutual respect.
I want to be able to do something on a global basis- I want to be able to make an impact on the world and provide good ideas to help solve certain problems such as poverty.
Find a better alternative to chemotherapy for those with cancer
Improvement to medicine; Reduce nuclear 'fear' in public
More renewable energy; Cleaner environment
Improve waste management in Jamaica; Process foods that contain all nutrients
Goal for 2025: Help to improve the lifestyle of people in Nigeria in any way I can
Create safer process in oil and gas industry, environmentally friendly
Become a professional engineer, creating & driving new medicine to help patients and build machinery to make that possible. Well maybe sounds unrealistic...
I've always wanted to do majors in organic and research in the same field. I want to find new resources and sources of energy with less destruction and safety, keeping in mind loss of life and property.
Plan to achieve more sustainable usage of fossil fuels; More safer mining methods; Build a successful fusion reactor!
I want to provide 24/7 electricity supply to the rural areas of India in environmentally friendly ways ie. using solar energy by 2025.
To make the technology of solar panels and optical fibers commercially viable to the common man.
Search for mines in northern Canada and take out all the resources
Mass production of cheap, long-lasting water filters
Climate change & Global warming
By 2025, I would like to see a move toward green technology, in particular hydrogen, solar, and electric cars and vehicles.
Use hemp to its potential and decrease the social stigma behind hemp.
Help slow down the greenhouse gases!
Sustainable production
To help reduce global warming by 2025 and use both engineering and business managing skills to do so.
I would like to engineer the GRT public transit routes so people have a more convenient way to get around. If the buses were more convenient, more people would use the bus resulting in less emissions.
Make technology smaller and more efficient using cheaper resources
Go beyond the lithium-ion battery & produce more economical batteries
To design an efficient waste management system in 3rd world nations
By 2025, I would like to impact the environment and society in positive and constructive ways.
Maintain lifestyle w/o increasing carbon footprint on earth
To facilitate a higher living standard for 3rd world nations, without having a larger environmental footprint! This is as aggregate impact- so implicit in this is no population growth because any population growth is inherently unsustainable- and we already have too many people on this planet!
Go and invent something
Sustainable development in Africa, Make solar energy economical, Develop new, more consistent methods of alternative green(er) energy
Start a civil engineering firm (my own business); Make earth a safe place to live and plan eco-friendly structures
establish a management system that can be incorporated to worldwide industries to benefit both the entrepreneurs and the society by increasing demand and lowering prices through greater efficiency
By 2020, I would like to be a successful engineer who contributes towards the well being of the planet. Eliminating poverty, fighting diseases, proposing better ways of travelling one few of the many things I strive to accomplish. I would like to make a better place and I believe I can do it.
2020- own a multi-national corporation
Learn 4 languages. Have a wife. Have a work. Walk across the Europa
I'd like to help improve the health care system so that people can get better lives
I would like to see a change in general health and medicine.