2012 Junior Fellows

Name: Zac Young
Class: Nanotechnology Engineering 2015

Country: Zambia
Partner: Kulemela
Blog: zacinzambia.wordpress.com
Email: zacyoung@ewb.ca

Zac is partnered with Kulemela in Zambia, which is an NGO which invests in and promotes technical education towards building capacity in upcoming engineering innovators who will be able to solve the local challenges their communities face. Through the primary vehicle of engineering design competitions and symposia, Kulemela strives to empower and connect all stakeholders in academia, industry and policy under a desire to build the technical prowess of their engineers. Zac will be assisting Kulemela in hosting a design competition in early October and working within the network of supporters and beneficiaries to strengthen the future sustainability and growth of Kulemela operations in Zambia. Zac hopes to also build new connections and solidarity with engineering students at the community at large between Zambia and Canada.