EWB UW's Orientation Week Session, 2010

Do you remember when you were in a session with EWB UW in Engineering Orientation Week in September 2010?

In 2010, EWB ran a session for incoming engineering students about using the skills you develop in engineering to become a change maker. All participants were told to write down a goal or dream they wanted to be working on after they graduated.

As part of our National Engineering Month activities, we wanted to share these goals, as a reminder of the passion and inspiration that can really drive us to be better engineers and professionals.

Hopefully those who participated in this session will enjoy the flashback to their youthful selves! We will be e-mailing everyone who included their e-mail, but feel free to peruse the complete list of goals and dreams we collected here (uwaterloo.ewb.ca/ge/oweek2010).

For those of you who participated in this session, we would love to hear back from as many people as possible!

1. What have you already done to work towards this goal?
2. Has your plan changed since you started university?
3. What were your initial impressions upon re-reading your contribution?

You can e-mail us with your response, or a picture of you working towards your goal, at NEM2015@uwaterloo.ewb.ca; or tweet @ewbuw with your #oweekgoals. Responses will be shared on our website or Facebook page.