[March 30th, 2014]

Hey gang,

We've got one more week, and two more exciting things in it.
This is the last email of the term!
Hopefully these fine, final festivities find you fittingly:

General Meeting: Member Appreciation
We get together at the end of each term to celebrate as a community. It's about appreciating and thanking our members for their varying contributions. We have lots of outgoing/graduating leaders in the chapter, and our team leads want a chance to celebrate their teams too!
Here are the results of our team lead elections from last week:
Big Events - Robin Liu
Strategy - Ambika Opal
Professional Engagement - Evan Crothers
Finance - Laura Newton
Youth Engagement - Celeste Alcena
People - Iolanda Montagnese
Research - Jess McKinnon

We also want to congratulate our new leads this Tuesday, as well as celebrate the opportunities we'll have in the coming terms! We're having member appreciation this term on Tuesday, April 1st, at the Mongolian Grill in the plaza beside UW, and this is definitely not an elaborate joke. It starts at 5:30 pm. Come to be appreciated!

Cross-stream Retreat
This Saturday, April 5th, is the end-of-term retreat. B-stream EWBers are joining us for a day of planning, discussion, and transitioning. Usually these retreats are the best opportunities for members to help make decision about our priorities for the coming terms. Since we have a new group of team leads, transitioning and establishing some kind of vision for the new leads is going to be a priority, but we'll also be making a lot of on-the-ground decisions about how to approach different events and intiatives we have coming up. It's a one-day only thing happening in E5 3102. If you're interested in getting involved, contact Filzah at president@uwaterloo.ewb.ca .

That's all! Thanks for a great term everyone. We hope to see you on Tuesday :)
EWB UWaterloo