Weekly Email #1 - Welcome Back and First GM this Tuesday!

Welcome Back to Waterloo and Happy Mother’s Day!

Engineers Without Borders is back for the spring term at U of Waterloo! Here’s what we got this week
1) 1st General Meeting of the Term! – Engineering 5 Room 2004 – Tuesday May 13th 5:30 – 7:00pm
2) Shared Success Open House – Grad House - Thursday May 15th
3) Clubs Day Support – Thursday May 15th and Friday May 16th

General Meeting - Tuesday May 13th 5:30 – 7:00pm
Our first general meeting of this term will be held at our usual date, time and room, Engineering 5: Room 2004. Our team leads would like to welcome all the newcomers and the returning members in style. We want to share the news about our recent changes towards tackling advocacy and fundraising for development change. This includes a bold new direction for our Junior Fellows and the way we will be fundamentally operating for the next few years. Exciting stuff!

We encourage you to invite friends on stream or around Waterloo! This can be for one meeting or for all of them. All departments of UW are invited!

During the meeting, we would like to introduce our new Team Leads! We will have ice-breakers and food! In addition of the classic pita and hummus we always serve during these first meetings, we plan to order pizza too. (Thank Theo, the Strategy Team lead for that apparently new idea)

Shared Success Open House – Grad House - Thursday May 15th
Engineers Without Borders is hosting an open house at the Grad House on May 15th from 4PM to 6PM. Everyone is encouraged to join us! Food and refreshments will be served. Come spend a few minutes with team leads and members to learn more about our new direction and exciting initiatives.
Even though it is a drop in event, we'd like to have responses by Tuesday May 13th!
Contact the Profession Engagement Team at professional@uwaterloo.ewb.ca

We included an attachment of the poster that failed to be sent properly yesterday. We will continue to use attachments for particular images until we can determine the problem with our mailing system.

Clubs Day Support – Thursday May 15th and Friday May 16th
We are gearing up to set up our booth at Clubs Day this term. We got a new board and tons of EWB and Fairtrade promotional material to hand out! We can use some extra volunteers if they would like to help the Team Leads on these days. Come talk to a Team Lead on Tuesday’s GM so we can determine the number of volunteers available.

Hope to see you at the first meeting on Tuesday!

The UW chapter of Engineers Without Borders