Weekly Email #5: Junior Fellowship 2.0, Book Club and P.E Voting!

Your local EWB is here with our rundown of events happening this week!

1) 5th General Meeting of the Term! – Engineering 5 Room 2004 – Tuesday June 10th 5:30 – 6:30pm
2) Book Club Incoming!
3) Provincial Elections – Thursday June 12th

General Meeting - Tuesday June 3rd 5:30 – 6:30pm

Learning Session: Junior Fellowship 2.0: Our chapter’s initiative to change the EWB system
The Junior Fellowship program has been a staple in terms of how EWB operates. In past terms, we sent students, Junior Fellows, to places around the world to learn an array of skills and outlooks that can be brought back to our chapter. Using these skills and outlooks, our chapter decided that we can improve this system even further. Starting this term, we are changing our Junior Fellowship program in a new direction. This will impact both foreign countries our JFs visited and the prospective students from Waterloo who wish to be part of the JF program.
Our Chapter President Filzah will provide a presentation on the changes made to our JF program, our reasoning behind the change and why we want EWB chapters in other universities to adopt our idea.
We definitely encourage anyone interested in the JF program to come to this meeting!

Group Work: Get Ready for Upcoming Events!
Many of our groups have gotten great support from their team and we are going to start executing some of our Big Events and projects this term. Be prepared because July is going to have plenty of things happening. If you want to help support these initiatives, come provide support and start talking to EWB leads!
The weekly emails will let you know when the final dates for the events/projects will be. Be on the lookout between now and the end of June!
We encourage you to invite friends on campus or around Waterloo! This can be for one meeting or for all of them. All departments of UW are invited!

Book Club Coming Soon-Book Announced!

Book club will be starting up after midterms! More information about date/time/location will come soon. As a preview, the book we will be reading is "The Will to Improve Governmentality, Development, and the Practice of Politics" by Tania Li. Here is the book synopsis:

The Will to Improve is a remarkable account of development in action. Focusing on experts' attempts to improve landscapes and livelihoods in Indonesia, Tania Murray Li carefully exposes the practices that enable experts to diagnose problems and devise interventions, and the agency of people whose conduct is targeted for reform. Deftly integrating theory, ethnography, and history, she illuminates the work of colonial officials and missionaries; specialists in agriculture, hygiene and credit; and political activists with their own schemes for guiding villagers towards better ways of life. She examines donor-funded initiatives that seek to integrate conservation with development through the participation of communities, and a one-billion dollar program designed by the World Bank to optimize the social capital of villagers, inculcate new habits of competition and choice, and remake society from the bottom up. Demonstrating that the "will to improve" has a long and troubled history, Li identifies enduring continuities from the colonial period to the present. She explores the tools experts have used to set the conditions for reform - tools that combine the reshaping of desires with applications of force. Attending in detail to the highlands of Sulawesi, she shows how a series of interventions entangled with one another and tracks their results, ranging from wealth to famine, from compliance to political mobilization, and from new solidarities to oppositional identities and violent attack. The Will to Improve is an engaging read - conceptually innovative, empirically rich, and alive with the actions and reflections of the targets of improvement, people with their own critical analyses of the problems that beset them.

Provincial Elections – Thursday June 12th
This is a reminder that the Provincial Elections are held this Thursday. We hope that you have or will cast your votes! If you were at the meeting with Matt two weeks ago, keep in mind how you can formulate your own opinions of the political parties.

Have a great week!
The UW chapter of Engineers Without Borders