Junior Fellows

The short-term volunteers that EWB sends overseas are known as Junior Fellows (JFs) and here at the Waterloo chapter we typically fund two undergraduate students each summer. JFs spend only four months overseas but the entire commitment is sixteen months long when the pre-trip training program and post-trip chapter building is factored in. It is understood that four months is not really enough time to create lasting impact overseas, so these placements are just as much about building leadership skills, providing members with their first exposure to development work, and transferring what they learn back to the Waterloo chapter and community. It costs $7,500 (fundraised by the Waterloo EWB chapter) to send one JF overseas, so the commitment involved is not taken lightly. Students are required to submit an application and interview for the position before the final two candidates are selected. To find out about current opportunities and to read more about current and past JFs please use the links below.