EWB's recruitment started today with some O-week nonsense (and disobedient banana suits).
The madness will continue next week, especially on clubs day.
First General Meeting is in E5 2004 on Tuesday, September 16th at 5:30 pm. Get the knowledge, skills, and people needed to make the impact you want in your life!

More detes are to follow,

EWB UWaterloo

Weekly Email #9: Kiva Cup this Week!‏

Your local EWB is here with our rundown of events happening this month!

1) 8th General Meeting of the Term! – Engineering 5 Room 2004 – Tuesday July 8th 5:30 – 6:30pm
2) Big Event! - Kiva Cup - Saturday July 12th
3) Team Lead Elections - Tuesday July 22nd 5:30pm
4) Fairtrade Week – July 14th to July 18th
5) Book Club – Wednesday July 9th 5:30pm

General Meeting - Tuesday July 8th 5:30 – 6:30pm
An Anthropological Look at Humans: How we have developed over time
This week, our A-Stream President Ian will be presenting how people have developed historically. He’ll point out what promotes growth, development and innovation within our society. Hopefully, by looking at our past, we can learn from it to progress more successfully into the future.

Group Work: Gearing up for Kiva Cup and Fairtrade Week!
Our Major events are all happening in a span of two weeks from now. We can certainly use all hands on deck for this week. Talk to the pure and honest EWB leads if you are interested in helping us our on these projects!

We encourage you to invite friends on campus or around Waterloo! This can be for one meeting or for all of them. All departments of UW are invited!

Kiva Cup – Make a team and Sign up THIS WEEK!!
Kiva Cup was one of our Big Events last year, a unique fundraiser with a twist. It's a soccer tournament happening within UW, where the winning team gets to choose what the proceeds go to. Last year, we raised hundreds of dollars and dozens of players attend the event. This year, we are doing it again on Saturday July 12th.
We would like to have lots of teams to participate this time! A team would need 7 -10 people, so grab a few friends and sign up here. Otherwise, we will organize you into a team if you still want to play.
Check out the FB page for updates
If you have more questions, ask Big Events at bigevents@uwaterloo.ewb.ca.

Team Lead Elections in Two Weeks!
Are you interested in taking a larger role in EWB? Do you like leading people and helping to shape the chapter? Apply for a position in EWB’s Team Lead roster! We have openings for the Strategy, Big Events, Pro Engagement, Finance and President team lead positions. The team lead would be asked to join us for two terms on stream and two off stream. Talk to Theo, Clement, Vincent, Joseph or Filzah if interested in applying.

Fair Trade Week Next Week!
Our next Big Event will be right after Kiva Cup, a week of events dedicated to promote Fairtrade initiatives! We want to promote Fairtrade on campus to secure the Fairtrade campus certification for UW. We will have speakers from prominent FT businesses and organizations coming to UW to talk to us. One on Monday and the other on Wednesday. Both sessions will be happening at 5pm in E5 2004.

Book Club- Chapter 3 Discussion this Wednesday!
Our next book club meeting will be on Wednesday July 9th at 5:30 in E5 2004! Anyone, whether you have read the book or not, can join in the discussion. We will be going over chapter three of "The Will to Improve Governmentality, Development, and the Practice of Politics" by Tania Li. Here is the book link if you need it!

Have a great week!
The UW chapter of Engineers Without Borders

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