Program Areas

Our chapter outputs have been categorized into three parts: Global Engineering, Fair Trade & Economic Equality, and African Programs. Our long-term planning and objectives also therefore fall into these three categories.

Global Engineering:

A primary chapter goal regarding Global Engineering is its integration into the curricula of the majority of engineering programs. We aspire to engage in active conversations with the dean and the chairs, and want students- university wide- to be engaged in and exposed to GE principles.

We want GE to have a consistently visible presence on campus, supported by many on-campus groups outside of EWB. The potential for GE related events and activities is substantial as well.

CECA (Co-operative Education & Career Action) also shows a lot of potential for the incorporation of GE values. Corporate partners could be exposed to, and in turn lobbied to support, GE principles from a hiring perspective. A database of "GE approved' jobs could also be put into place on the co-op job market.

More information on GE can be found here.

Fair Trade & Economic Equality

Fair Trade has huge potential not only within the uWaterloo campus, but throughout the Kitchener-Waterloo area and beyond. We strive towards Fair Trade's widespread recognition across Kitchener-Waterloo and hope to have the city itself recognized as a FairTrade City. Tied into this objective is establishing partners throughout the community who will maintain Fair Trade practices and continue out reach to expose others to the same practices. Supporting this is our intention to generate a standard set of Fair Trade resources, for the purposes of education as well as advocacy.

A broader, even national, movement is the next step. With co-operation from corporations, cities, organisations, and especially other EWB chapters, we hope to spread the Fair Trade movement across the whole of Canada, as well as its legislature.

More information on our FairTrade objectives can be found here.

International Development and African Programs

Currently, we send two Junior Fellows to work within our African Programs each year. We want to continue this trend of production, but having a well-defined role for our Junior Fellows upon their return is a definite next step and priority. Their perspectives are an invaluable asset to the chapter, and we want to tap into that resource both during and after their overseas experience. More concrete sources of fundraising is also an objective.

We want to develop our skill-set as advocates and incorporate advocacy into all chapter activities. Tapping into our African Programs Staff consistently and effectively is presently lacking greatly; that needs to be remedied. Working with EWB's National Office on ideas and approaches to sustainable impact is also something the chapter hopes to initiate.

As was the case for both GE and Fair Trade & Economic Equality, education is also a vital component of our African Programs objectives. EWB's African Programs have shown themselves to be very transformational entities. With this in mind, keeping a chapter-wide up-to-date perspective and understanding of our African Programs is essential. We want to keep our members aware of our current ventures, which means that the chapter's activities and approaches relating to EWB's actions overseas won't be fundamentally obsolete.

More information on our IDAP goals can be found here.