Professional Engagement

Are you interested in changing engineering education at the University of Waterloo? Are you interested in being the external face of EWB to a world of professionals? If so, join us! The ProEngagement team is working directly with the engineering faculty to improve the undergraduate curriculum to create more globally-minded engineers. Projects include creation of new case studies, pilot testing of new material, and assessment of List A CSEs. The ProEngagement team is also working to coordinate the speaker series happening in March for National Engineering Month, for university and high students as well as professionals. Additionally, we will be working to obtain the necessary funds to send volunteers to Africa while strengthening relationships with EWB supporters.

The Professional Engagement Team is responsible for communicating and maintaining relationships with our MP, faculty, alumni, and corporate employees. We engage these parties to discuss topics such as corporate social responsibility, aid effectiveness, the state of the engineering profession as a whole, fundraising and fair trade.

The current Professional Engagement team leads are Vincent Zhu and Joseph Ng (B-Stream) and Evan Crothers for A-Stream.

Contact the professional engagement team at