The purpose of the Research Team is to develop the informational backbone that supports the chapter's actions and initiatives. We produce stimulating content: in the form of presentations, documents, displays, and videos and at the request of other teams for their short term goals as well as at our own leisure based on personal interest.

Research Team has become the champion of Member Learning. We promote education: not just what we can teach our chapter, but what our chapter and our members can teach themselves. To this end, we generate engaging presentations for use at our chapter's General Meetings, with the goal of clarifying complex concepts to benefit the perspectives of the members while at the same time connecting the concepts to the world around us so that we can appreciate them in a balanced way.

If you've a critical mind, an enrapturing writing style, a love for deep conversation, and the will to educate and improve your understanding of the world as well as those of the people around you, then the Research Team might be a perfect fit for you.

Day to day actions and responsibilities of the team include: facilitating Member Learning sessions on a weekly basis, producing and submitting articles to media outlets such as Iron Warrior and Imprint, hosting and participating in an optional (but delightful!) Book Club, generating and updating content on the chapter website, launching into deep conversations at our meetings, and doing research. Lots of research is good.

A member's contribution to any of those tasks is definitely based on interested though. The Research Team offers a lot of freedom to its members and expects whole-hearted contributions as a result. Our discussions are riveting and very rewarding as long as their are open minds to divulge in them. We've had a lot of recent success publishing articles to Iron Warrior, and are quickly establishing a foothold with the more widely read Imprint. Not much more can be said to sheen the shine of this team; it's definitely a fundamental and very valuable one, both to its members and to the chapter as a whole. Whether you're on the Research Team or not though, your responsibility to educate yourself and to develop your perspective is still there, still vital, and hopefully something you appreciate the benefits of.

The current B-stream Research Team Lead is Angela Ko. The A-stream lead is Jess McKinnon.

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