The Strategy Team is responsible for developing and clearly communicating the chapter strategies for fundraising, global engineering, political advocacy, and other campaigns they may identify for the chapter. Other responsibilities include maintaining a list of chapter definitions, abbreviations, buzz words as well as managing chapter knowledge including:


- Google Docs

- contributions to

- contributions to

- office filing & organizing

- standardized way of keeping track of knowledge

- any documents/presentations/etc. generated by the chapter

Finally, the Strategy Team is responsible for creating and maintaining a brand identity for the chapter, including:

- posters

- advertisement campaigns

- letterheads

- presentation templates

Since the creation of the team, the Strategy Team has been able to define what a global engineer is and create chapter strategies for the economic equality program. This term, we hope to continue the momentum with economic equality and create position papers on Fair Trade. We also want to build resource content on the organization's Agricultural Extension African Program.

The current B-Stream Strategy Team Lead is Theo Chan. The current A-Stream lead is Ambika Opal.

Contact the strategy team at