University of Waterloo Chapter

Our Purpose:
The UW EWB Chapter is committed to fostering change leaders. We will acquire the skills and perspective to create sustainable social change in local, national, and international communities. Through our commitment to change leaders, we will make a positive impact on Dorothy’s life.

Our Vision:
Our chapter’s 2014 vision is to cultivate change leaders within Waterloo students, faculty, youth, and the KW community. To achieve this we will:
- Clearly, consistently, and transparently communicate what we do, how we do it, and why
- Empower change leaders to facilitate action and discussion around trade justice issues
- Catalyze the evolution of engineering students to serve society
- Leverage education, advocacy, and connections to improve foreign aid and sustainable development in Canada and Africa

The University of Waterloo chapter is where EWB started out! We've made meaningful and significant contributions from the start, but there remains so much to be done. We're not satisfied yet!

Because of Waterloo's unique co-op program (where engineering students study for four months and work for four months for five consecutive years), effectively half of the chapter is active for four months, and then the other half returns to campus and takes active control of the chapter. We're almost two chapters in one, we have many systems in place to keep us on the same page. Communication between the two streams is key in keeping us coordinated as one unified force of change at UW and in the KW Community.

So what's different at the chapter level? The uWaterloo group does its best to reflect the values and ideas of National Office, but we do have our own initiatives and objectives regarding the community local to us. All of our chapter's planning is done internally, and so many of our events and activities are unique to this chapter.

The chapter is a great place to start out with EWB. We've had lots of experience developing fresh EWBers and their perspectives, and in the process teaching many young minds about valuable concepts and systems they never would have been exposed to otherwise!