2009 Junior Fellows

Gajan Sathananthan and Rob Sparrow were University of Waterloo Chapter's Junior Fellow volunteers from May to August 2009. Check out their blogs for more information and feel free to shoot them a question by email!

Gajan Sathananthan

Program: Systems Design Engineering
Country: Ghana
Partner: Local District Government
Blog: gajans.wordpress.com
E-mail: gajan.sathananthan@gmail.com

Gajan was working with the Good Governance team in Ghana. This initiative revolves around giving local governments the tools to make the right decisions regarding development and, simultaneously, giving the public the tools to hold them accountable.

Rob Sparrow

Program: Systems Design Engineering
Country: Malawi
Partner: Inter Aide
E-mail: robsparrow@gmail.com

Rob partnered with an organization called Inter Aide, which does water and sanitation work in the Salima District of Malawi. He was focused on Inter Aide's operations and maintenance model for water access points. Rob helped ensure that local mechanics are able to earn a living in the zone which they are responsible for, local parts shops have the necessary parts for upkeep of water points, and mechanics have the skills needed to keep water points running. He also boosted the computer skills of the people he worked with. Rob was most excited to learn about Inter Aide and how they manage their projects, with the aim of finding ways to help them accomplish as much as possible.