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This year, our chapter is starting an initiative to be more active in schools and to reach out to the younger generations with the goal of raising awareness as well as educating our future leaders about sustainable change. We run the “Water for the World” workshop for gr 9 and 10 students, which encompass an introduction to EWB and engineering, a short presentation on water becoming a global issue and an interactive activity that encourages critical thinking. Apart from raising awareness, we also hope that the students will be able to develop a deeper and more thorough understanding of engineering as they move into their upper years of high school and have to start thinking about post-secondary. If the students of today are passionate, knowledgeable and committed, we believe that they will be able to help ensure a sustainable tomorrow.


In a fast-paced academic environment like the University of Waterloo, it is often taxing to commit more brainpower to Member Learning after a long day of classes. Designed to innovate the way Member Learning is facilitated, the “Ideas Without Borders UW” podcast was created to make member learning more accessible. Ideas Without Borders UW takes Member Learning to a non-physical medium and seeks to reach audiences beyond our chapter. Featuring our very own members and guest speakers, podcast episodes explore a variety of areas ranging from life lessons to research-based insights on world issues. Through Ideas Without Borders, EWB hopes to foster both intellectual and emotional understandings among listeners to provide a meaningful learning experience. Check out our published episodes on our SoundCloud.


Every year, Engineers without Borders (EWB) University of Waterloo Chapter hosts an arts Gala function. The Gala is EWB’s premier fund-raising event and way to connect
with professionals and students from all over the Kitchener-Waterloo/Cambridge region. This year our goal for the Gala is to reach out to other organizations and groups
across the University of Waterloo campus who are making a positive impact on our community. This will be an opportunity for both EWB and these groups to spread
awareness regarding our current and future projects on top of raising funds for EWB.

Fair Trade

Fair Trade aims to provide living wages for farmers, better working conditions, and higher standards of living for small-scale farmers across the world by certifying Fair Trade practices and providing benefits to certified farmers. We are trying to get the campus Fair Trade certified to support Fair Trade Canada. To find out more information about what the specific goals that we are aiming for, visit the Fair Trade Canada Campus Designation Page. 

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