Hussein Hassanali, President

Shannon Kremer, VP of Operations

Julia Suen, VP of Fundraising

Cecilia Cancellara and Taylor Roth, VPs of Youth Engagement

Kami Feng, VP of Education

Simcha Bradski and Evan Emard, VPs of Podcasts

Bailey Gardien and Nadia Bisek, VPs of Advocacy

John Kachura and Nicole Zou, VPs of Design

Natalie Fernandez and Scarlet Minshul, Project Managers

Chantelle Ng, Community Integration/Project Management Coop Student


Koreen Legaspi, President

Rehmeen Waqur, VP of Fundraising

Chloe Choi, VP of Youth Engagement

Camille Walters & Vanessa Hu, VPs of Podcasts

Joanne Jo & Christine Ng, VPs of Advocacy

Rupa Vemulapalli & John Kachura, VPs of Design



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